1. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN, Jason and Wade talk to Pastor James Metsger of Christ Point in Charlotte, North Carolina, one of Wade’s best friends since high school.
  2. I trust that because of the gospel, God will continue to mend what I, in my sin, continue to break.
  3. Churchwide Seminar & a Saturday Men's Retreat
  4. It turns out that when Elijah battled depression, God sent someone to just be with him. To comfort him.
  5. Take away the communal aspect, take away the communal gathering around Christ’s body and blood, and the Christian will begin to suffer a malnutrition of faith.
  6. By his initiative alone, he remakes our hearts to love him and others unselfishly.
  7. In schools and on barstools and in delis and where two or three gather, your Savior turns you loose to encounter those who are delightful and loveable.
  8. Apathy, melancholy, and disillusionment plague the footsteps of the up-and-coming generations more than ever, especially in the realm of religion, and it’s worth asking, “Why?”
  9. In the final episode on the 3 parts of friendship, Gretchen and Katie talk about what it means to bear one another burdens.
  10. The love between David and Jonathan, and the suspicion of Saul.
  11. This episode focuses on healthy expectations of people, as well as our own insecurities going into friendships.

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