1. Jesus lives to intercede. So we needn’t bring him our feigned righteousness or our faux rehabilitation.
  2. The forgiveness of your sins and your reconciliation with God the Father courtesy of Christ’s cross and blood is gifted to you, for you.
  3. Christ urges us to love our neighbor as He loved us, forgiving all of their sins - giving them the absolving, shirt-pulling, embrace that we would also want.
  4. It wasn’t a perfect image, but it was still there, even in its cartoonish movie magic distortion. It was an element of the Gospel right there in front of me.
  5. The gospel fires up within us the gratitude, joy, and love to pull off what the law never could get us to do.
  6. After slipping an orange rind into your Negroni, slip off your Weejuns, put your earphones on and enjoy a funny and frank discussion about Jesus, Michael Mann, and ex-communication! Special guest: Rev. Tim Winterstein
  7. If Christmas is about Jesus, and it definitely is, then the real question should be: What’s Jesus all about?
  8. Jesus knows your name. Whether you’re a boy named Sue or a beggar named Lazarus, the God who named that forgotten man has not forgotten you.
  9. While hyperbolic The Boys brings its viewers to the harsh world of reality and the daily struggle of sin.
  10. The wizard stares into Billy Batson’s eyes. “Speak my name so my powers may flow through you.”
  11. One of the great themes of the Game of Thrones is the personification of Death, most concretely in the form of the Night King, supreme commander of the blue-eyed nightwalkers.

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