1. You are the baptized, for in Christ we are all wet. The demographic dividers are washed away.
  2. We take a look at 1 Timothy 5 on why the pastoral office is exceedingly important, and should be treated so by pastor and congregation alike.
  3. For our 101st episode, we are answering more listener questions, since we received so many.
  4. Sometimes I think we should be more tempted to laugh at the gospel than we are, not in derision but in sheer surprise and awe.
  5. Christian community is often described as the activity and programs going on at the church. Many people will join a church for the sake of having a tight knit community. But what does Christian community mean?
  6. Take away the communal aspect, take away the communal gathering around Christ’s body and blood, and the Christian will begin to suffer a malnutrition of faith.
  7. The heaviness of being lonely and weary has fallen on the church collectively in the last year. But for many people, this isn't anything new.
  8. After slipping an orange rind into your Negroni, slip off your Weejuns, put your earphones on and enjoy a funny and frank discussion about Jesus, Michael Mann, and ex-communication! Special guest: Rev. Tim Winterstein
  9. Don't let people convince you that staying home is heroic. Unless of course you are listening to Ringside while staying home! Than you, my friend, are an Erol Flynn! Luther on the Resurrection.
  10. Craig and Troy talk quite a bit about grace. God always keeps (and always has kept) for Himself a remnant chosen by grace. This is good news for we are not left alone in this world without other believers to encourage and strengthen our faith.
  11. Stop and be enveloped by the unending grace of Christ and his beautiful teachings that touch every corner of life.
  12. I have my list. It may seem strange to you, but, when I think about my own death, I often think in terms of positive failures.