1. Get Down Manna. In this episode, we discuss manna, the incarnation, liturgy, Christian life, materialism, techno-authoritarianism, modern feminism, divine election, hierarchy and authority, unity in multiplicity, and the power of God’s Word, all while reading The Life of Moses by St. Gregory of Nyssa.
  2. Who Stole The Soul? In this episode, we finish our discussion of Luther’s commentary on Habakkuk, talking about history, what happens when the Word walks amongst us, what a blessing is, earthly matters of vocation and calling, and churches as islands of salvation.
  3. Love Will Keep Us Together. In this episode, we discuss the Song of Habakkuk, Martin Luther’s commentary on the song, Jesus as the foundation of reality, why mirrors are dangerous, trans-humanism, pop culture, church architecture, consumerism, why liturgy is an expression of the truth, how the Holy Spirit covers all things in meaning, and how the sacrament anchors earth to heaven.
  4. Everybody’s Working for the Weekend. In this episode, we continue our Lenten tradition of reading Luther’s Galatians commentary in March, discussing past and present idolatry and why we keep falling for the same sales pitches from the same gods.
  5. There’s Power in the Blood. In this episode, we read a homily on John’s Gospel, the power of Christ’s blood, and a whole lot of symbolism in John Chrysostom’s exegesis.
  6. There is no justification by the works of the law
  7. We Need More Mother’s Milk & Pomegranate Seeds. In this episode of Banned Books, we discuss the Song of Songs and read the seventh-century monk, Bede, who takes us on a wild ride through the text; we converse about exegesis, cosmology, the church, why the meaning of words matters, how to read the Bible like an early medieval theologian, and why the story about Jesus changes the world.
  8. Any message other than "Christ for you" is not good news.
  9. Matthew 22 sees Jesus address Jewish legal debates. In the process, he makes disticntions between the Law and Gospel.
  10. How the ancient view of "guts" is a lively metaphor of promise
  11. Every Christian should understand what it means to have a Great High Priest
  12. Jesus is always interceding for us

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