1. God resolves his wrath through the unexpected giving of his Son.
  2. Listen to God and enter His rest.
  3. What We've Got Here Is Failure to Communicate. In this episode, we discuss Karl Barth’s Roman’s commentary, which cast a long and influential shadow over much of twentieth-century theology, and what it can teach today.
  4. Going back to Moses is an epic downgrade.
  5. Join Kelsi as she talks with 1517 Executive Director, Dr. Scott Keith, about how to interpret the Bible, specifically those really confusing, shocking, and tough texts.
  6. We are excited to have Nancy Guthrie on to talk about her journey into Biblical theology.
  7. God's Son comes to deal with the infestation of sin, but in an unforeseen twist of grace, he’s the only one who goes under the knife.
  8. The God who abundantly restores is still in the business of total restoration, even today. Even now the God of heaven restores dead sinners to life.
  9. As we are continuing our "verses taken out of context" episodes, we are honored to have Rev. Bob Hiller, author of "Christ in the Straw" to help us understand James 2:26.
  10. This is an excerpt from “The New Testament Devotional Commentary: Volume 1: Matthew, Mark, Luke” written by Bo Giertz and translated by Bror Erickson (1517 Publishing, 2021).
  11. Romans
  12. We must be careful in how we use Bible verses to establish Scriptural truth both to others and to ourselves.

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