1. Sometimes in hanging on to our useless guilt, we are idolaters. We believe our sin or conscience is more powerful than our God.
  2. Make no mistake, sinners are in fact being pursued by a most hideous beast called sin, death, and the devil, unleashed and striking continuously.
  3. The reason the mind is endlessly troubled about God predestining everything is the vague generalization. Generalizations are cold as ice, without the warm Christ.
  4. The result of this day’s proceedings, in Luther’s mind, was likely to be a painful death at the stake.
  5. Full Humanity of the unborn in the Old Testament
  6. It's ok to remember those who gave their life for their country and not remind them that Jesus did something greater just so they don't get a big head. You can tell them the Good News however! Sins forgiven - for free!
  7. In the midst of the Word of God being spoken, she felt for the first time God had revealed Himself to her, not as the terrifying judge she feared, but as the loving and tender father He is.
  8. Our righteousness and the righteousness of our neighbor have nothing to do with what we eat or do not eat.
  9. As usual, Luther took what he received and turned it inside-out, so that it shifted from a series of demands and became a bestowal of God’s gracious promise.
  10. He looked me straight in the eye and said these words, almost in a challenging way, “I hate God. I do."

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