1. This Epiphany text brings the coming of the Light and the Light shining in the darkness drawing all men to it together.
  2. Solomon uses his new gift of wisdom immediately, but as he grows older he appears to use this gift less and less!
  3. All the redeeming in God’s Word ultimately points to the first-born, only Begotten, who redeems the world.
  4. The receiving and/or possessing of a gift, even one from God, is far different than putting it to use.
  5. The Lamb of God is stripped of His garment and sheds His blood on a cross to clothe us in robes of righteousness and garments of salvation—like a bridegroom who adorns himself and his bride.
  6. Solomon asks for what is necessary to carry out this task, an understanding/wise and discerning mind.
  7. If the LORD is faithful to His Covenant—and He must be—then He will remember His people and take action.
  8. “God with Us”...is a common theme throughout Scripture: No one else has a God like ours, who is truly with His people.