1. This Christmas season we are thankful that even though we “fallers” are unable to climb up to God, he came down the ladder to us.
  2. What more could God do to prove to us that he is for us and not against us than to give his own Son into this fallen world to take the cross in our place, exchanging his righteousness for our many sins.
  3. The Christmas King is the Son-of-God-King who stands as a forever reminder that as God, he is powerfully and eternally for us. Yet, this same King, who is also from David’s human offspring, is our human Brother.
  4. The absolute best part of Christmas is that it is not flat at all, but in fact, it is very tall.
  5. God sent his Son down into the hidden places of our dark and dirty world to find us, and to the cross to wipe away our sins forever. That is what this story is all about.