1. When we pray to Jesus, we pray to the King's right hand. We know one who has the Father's ear, respect and trust. And the one who intercedes for us is still one of us, with nail-pierced hands.
  2. Psalm 98, with its promise of a sea and mountains singing, takes these imposing natural features and turns them into a praise choir.
  3. The king has arrived and has already begun his reign forever and ever.
  4. To trust in the Lord, the Messiah, the Deliverer, is our salvation and our only hope. Yet he does not trust us to have this “trust” on our own or of our own will.
  5. Psalm 8 is a trailer for the entire biblical movie, and the entire biblical movie centers on Christ.
  6. Who would ever want all these screamers and haters? It turns out that Christ does.