1. What we are asked to believe as we ponder the birth of this child is that in his coming, a new creation has dawned.
  2. The best we would have to look forward to, without Jesus, is a society dedicated to addressing problems and working through them.
  3. Let us ponder the Son, the precious Son of God, given as a ransom and sacrifice for us, that we too might be called children of God.
  4. Gideon’s “foolish” weaponry of clay jars and shofars will give way to the Messiah’s “foolish” ways of doing things, for his weapons will be humility, fidelity, and, above all, the word of his Father.
  5. Isaiah speaks to our time. He speaks to our rejoicing now and an anticipated joy-filled future. Christ’s coming, Christmas, brings them both.
  6. Because of Christ, we find safety and healing in the light. Because of Christ, we do not have to be afraid of the truth that his light reveals.