1. Rod Rosenbladt, the encourager of all things good, true, and beautiful and a tireless warrior for Jesus and the Gospel message, finally rests at the marriage feast of the lamb.
  2. Debi talks with the Professor of Philosophy, Dan Deen, about common “scientific” objections to the Christian faith.
  3. Dr. Dan Deen is on the show to discuss analytic philosophy with the Thinking Fellows.
  4. I am not going to give an apology for evolution as a scientific theory. Rather, I am wondering if the normal way of discussing evolutionary science within conservative Christianity has blinded us to certain fruitful uses of the theory.
  5. Much like Jacob wrestling with God in the desert, we find our intellectual hips continuously put out of joint as we engage the culture around us.
  6. Mordor’s bleak existence and the successful salvific mission of Frodo and Samwise is what makes Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings such a psychologically enjoyable epic.
  7. We are all sojourners in a perilous cosmos, what is sometimes conceptualized as the theology of the pilgrim.
  8. Conflict demands resolution, tension demands a balancing act in the face of uncertainties.
  9. Today I had one such reflection session with the Old Testament reading, Numbers 21:4-9. The narrative involves Moses, divine herpetology, and healing. My reflections are twofold.
  10. We tend to think about apologetics as an academic enterprise, as something that requires formal training.
  11. I’ve always been taken aback by how much apologetic ink is spilled over understanding Genesis in the light of contemporary science, usually evolutionary biology.

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