1. As we work through some prescriptive vs descriptive passages of the Bible, especially in regard to women, we start with Tamar, and how she falls in line to Jesus' genealogy.
  2. Christ is all over the Old Testament, this is true. But can we see Him even in the most vile places? At the request of a listener, Craig and Troy descend into the dark bowels and darker deeds of Judges 19, where they find the peace of Christ in the pieces of a concubine.
  3. Old Testament Scholar and author Chad Bird rejoins Craig and Troy for a continuing discussion on Christ in the Old Testament. Today we look at a few specific examples and learn how to find Him there.
  4. Craig and Troy are joined by author and Old Testament Scholar Chad Bird. Together, they discuss how Christ is the key that unlocks all the treasures of the Old Testament to us.
  5. Is Proverbs 31 inspiring or burdening to women? Is it a passage that's just for women? What do you think when you think about Proverbs 31? Where is the gospel in this passage?
  6. We invited Old Testament and Hebrew scholar, Chad Bird, to talk to us about Proverbs 31. This passage talking about a wife of noble character is often discussed in women's Bible studies or events. It's used to inspire, accuse, exhaust, or at least show us some kind of standard that we feel we can never reach.
  7. . . . but the joke's on Herod. Joseph takes Mary and baby Jesus to refuge in Egypt, and all that happens in Matthew 2 is done in order to fulfill the prophecies of the Old Testament.
  8. So what happens when you come to the lowest moment of your life and doubt that anything good can come out of it? God meets you there in His Redeemer. Craig and Troy finish up the book of Ruth.
  9. Scott and Caleb are joined by Chad Bird to talk about his new book, Unveiling Mercy.
  10. Four stars! The story of Ruth is the rom-com of the year! But actually, it's even so much better than that. Craig and Troy open up the book of Ruth and start to see how God unfolds His long game through this spectacular and important story.
  11. Sin is everywhere. Betrayal is everywhere. But the Christ whom Samson foreshadows has the final word.

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