1. The good news is Christ Jesus is faithful to the end, even to the point of death and through death, with a steadfast and vocal faith in God our Savior for those who cannot do so in their lives any longer on account of their altered state.
  2. In this episode, Gretchen and Katie tackle a question from a listener about baptism. What do we believe? What does it mean? What does it do?
  3. While baptism is a “once and for all” event that should not be repeated in the Christian’s life, the effects of baptism continue throughout the life of the believer.
  4. Caleb is joined by Bob Hiller and Rod Rosenbladt to close out Luther’s Large Catechism.
  5. The Apostle Peter’s monumental sermon on Pentecost declares the Kingdom purposes and divine saving work of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit which culminates in the new world order with Christ in charge.
  6. Just as the grave could not hold the Lord of Life, neither could the calendar contain Easter to just one Sunday.
  7. The Church has traditionally understood Baptism as a naming Sacrament. It reminds us of our new baptismal identity.
  8. Scott and Caleb move into the Catechism's explanations of the Means of Grace. Starting with Baptism, Luther follows Scripture to explain how God's Word and promises are delivered to us through ordinary means like water.
  9. Experience the reality of God while the world is ending. Ringside Preachers, Craft of Preaching, and Dr. Arthur Just from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne explore how the real tangible gifts of God break through the shadows of this crumbling world.

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