1. We too are God’s baptized, beloved, blood-bought believers. And no one can ever take that away from us.
  2. Hidden beneath the sinner is a glorious saint. Jesus has declared it to be so in your baptism.
  3. The word which justifies by bringing faith in baptism is the same powerful word that recreates, regenerates, and re-births a human being in baptism.
  4. Toy Story is indeed a Christmas story.
  5. All our sin and shame is answered for in the death and resurrection of our Lord.
  6. Through water, blood, and word, the Spirit never stops pointing us to Christ, and even more, giving us Christ.
  7. When we cry to the Lord in our trouble, he will send us a preacher with words that deliver us from destruction.
  8. The one who embodies the dove, that is, the Holy Spirit will be mounted upon the staff of Calvary.
  9. Jesus is the ultimate, endearing, and definitive answer to the world’s problems, not any political party or ideology, nor any religion or the combination of the two.
  10. Being the baptized just may be the last, great resistance.
  11. FLAME uses Scripture and church history to argue that baptism is a gospel gift, not our work.
  12. God has a plan for this world that he put into place from eternity, a plan that is carried out in Jesus Christ and promises unimaginably great blessings for believers.

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