1. God doesn't demand that you wash yourself and come up to Him in holiness, but instead He comes all the way down to you in the filth of your sin.
  2. John has been preaching a radical vision of God, where God holds people accountable for their sin and calls them to repent. What will Jesus do?
  3. Christ has come to make all things new, and water and the Spirit are used for His new creation just as it was for the original.
  4. Here is Paul’s repacking of the Christmas gift in terms of the personal and corporate implications of God so loving the world that He gave His only begotten Son.
  5. The only reason we're aware of our old self is in baptism, God created a new self for us.
  6. The Lord who stood before her seemed reckless in His love. Her sin didn't deter Him. Rather, it was the reason He came.
  7. In spiritual matters, the Scriptures teach us that freedom is tied to slavery and bondage.
  8. Cyprian actually rejected the accusation that he believed in rebaptism because he considered only the baptism within the church to be a valid or true baptism.
  9. The fact that baptism specifically unites me to Christ in his death means that I share in his sufferings in my identity, not in my activity.

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