1. The word which justifies by bringing faith in baptism is the same powerful word that recreates, regenerates, and re-births a human being in baptism.
  2. The one who embodies the dove, that is, the Holy Spirit will be mounted upon the staff of Calvary.
  3. Jesus is the ultimate, endearing, and definitive answer to the world’s problems, not any political party or ideology, nor any religion or the combination of the two.
  4. Being the baptized just may be the last, great resistance.
  5. The good news is Christ Jesus is faithful to the end, even to the point of death and through death, with a steadfast and vocal faith in God our Savior for those who cannot do so in their lives any longer on account of their altered state.
  6. The Apostle Peter’s monumental sermon on Pentecost declares the Kingdom purposes and divine saving work of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit which culminates in the new world order with Christ in charge.
  7. Just as the grave could not hold the Lord of Life, neither could the calendar contain Easter to just one Sunday.
  8. Here is Paul’s repacking of the Christmas gift in terms of the personal and corporate implications of God so loving the world that He gave His only begotten Son.
  9. You are the baptized, for in Christ we are all wet. The demographic dividers are washed away.
  10. This text explicates the Christian life in light of the reality of Christ’s lordship and the gift of the Holy Spirit amidst a world and a Church which has not experienced the fullness of redemption and recreation itself.
  11. Christ busies Himself with accomplishing your salvation; race, age, sex, ability or even intelligence notwithstanding.

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