1. Who we are buried with matters. But there is no need to go out and find a dead prophet so you can join him six feet under.
  2. Demons, waterless places, and the sign of Jonah.
  3. John is preaching in the wilderness and baptizing people in the Jordan River.
  4. Did Jesus really descend into hell? And did Peter just say Baptism saves us?
  5. “There is no obedience that does not have its eyes on either God or neighbor. An obedience that is motivated by what we will get out of it is no obedience at all.”
  6. Paul asks to speak to his accusers and recounts the events that led him there. He says some amazing things about baptism but when he includes God sending him to the Gentiles, the crowd freaks out.
  7. Paul and Barnabas separate in a dispute over John Mark. Timothy is introduced and for some reason Paul has him circumcised.
  8. Daniel and Erick discuss the conversion of "threat breathing" Saul. A light and voice from heaven call Saul but a preacher and baptism finish the work.
  9. What is Peter's response to those looking to be saved? Who and what is baptism FOR?
  10. Perhaps you’ve had a pastor or “Bible teacher” ask you these questions. If not, consider yourself blessed.
  11. If you’re looking for a book of the Bible to blow apart works righteousness and justification by adherence to the Law, Galatians is the book for you.

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