1. On this episode the Fellows answer a handful of questions submitted by listeners. Among them is the question, is baptism a good work that earns salvation? Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy the show.
  2. When I hear my brother’s name, I will grieve a little. But I will also rejoice, for I know that he is with his Savior.
  3. The Fellows approach the latest set of listener questions. This time, we have questions about Lutheran history, baptism, and apostasy.
  4. As we begin recording into the new year, the Thinking Fellows take time to answer two big listener questions.
  5. Last week the Fellows talked about the Means of Grace, as a direct follow-up to that episode the Fellows now dive into Baptism. Why get Baptized? How does Baptism work? Who should be Baptized? Sit Back, relax, and grab a drink as the soothing waters of Baptism drown you in Christ.
  6. Lutherans can often be misunderstood as rejecting the existence or necessity of good works. On episode 14 the Thinking Fellows discuss why this common misconception is not true. Sit back, relax and grab a drink to find out why good works are a fruit of faith and not saving grace.