1. Jesus weeps because his heart pulses with furious rage and fierce love.
  2. The Church is where God has instituted the office of the preacher of the gospel. And if you are let-down, the gospel is what you need to hear.
  3. Jesus ruthlessly hammers us with a Law that we cannot escape so that He might give us a Gospel that will never abandon us.
  4. Be a hero and listen up to the preachers! Real men die for a purpose and bring back a little doctrine in their sermons. Martin Luther would be proud.
  5. There is often no way forward for us without the prophetic lament, because such laments force out our honesty and resentment at the God who does not treat us as we expect to be treated.
  6. When we are hurt, we cry out to God. But sometimes when the hurt gets really intense, our lament turns to complaint. Not only is this normal, but almost every lament in scripture contains a complaint.
  7. We already know how the war will conclude. Jesus wins.
  8. Nuance, listening, patience, dialogue. These things seem missing as we analyze our problems in America! We get to speak with a former police officer and current pastor, Tim Barkett, to hear his take from the perspective of those who serve. Great interview.
  9. God isn’t fooled by our fake piety. He would rather have us venting honestly than faking it.
  10. In truth, forgetting transgressions has little to do with forgiving others who wrong us.
  11. These three: to judge, to avenge, and to glory, have been taken from us, and no person should share in them.

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