1. What's your vote for the most misapplied and misquoted Bible verse of all time? Craig and Troy vote for "Don't you judge me!" Today we talk about the reality of being under judgment, and seeking repentance.
  2. Caleb, Scott, and John wrap up the section on the Ten Commandments in the Large Catechism.
  3. Why do you worry, when God has your back? Craig and Troy consider the lillies, the 1st Commandment, and the comfort found in seeking first His kingdom.
  4. Scott, Caleb, and John discuss Luther’s extended commentary on the seventh and eight commandments.
  5. Caleb, Scott, and Adam continue their walk through Luther’s Large Catechism.
  6. Scott, Caleb, and Adam are back together talking about the third and the fourth commandments.
  7. Scott and Caleb look over the first and second commandments and their explanation in Martin Luther's Large Catechism.
  8. While these are familiar words to us, frequently they are dealt with in ways that fail to take into account the context and the situation.
  9. Scott and Caleb continue to walk through Luther’s Small Catechism. This time covering the 5th-10th commandments.
  10. God uses the fifth commandment to protect us from selfishness, prevent us from only thinking about our needs, and to drive us to Christ and our neighbors.
  11. Dr. Paulson talks about the second commandment and Moses’ call to Egypt.

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