The Soul of Christianity
On this podcast we get to the essential element of Christianity as Debi Winrich has sought out a few of her friends and acquaintances to help her get to the “soul” of Christianity in a way that is both intellectually stimulating and also accessible.
  1. In the first episode of season 5 of The Soul of Christianity, Debi Winrich introduces the theme for this season- “the Christian life” and interviews church historian (and shows producer) Dr. Dan van Voorhis of the Christian History Almanac.
  2. On this episode Debi talks to her old friend, and 1517 Scholar-in-residence Chad Bird.
  3. In this episode, Debi talks to Dan Price of “30 Minutes in the New Testament,” among other things- they talk about the idea of the “Christian life” in the New Testament.”
  4. In this episode, Debi talks with Luther scholar and 1517 Scholar-in-Residence Steven Paulson.
  5. The Soul of Christianity is back with a new season about the Christian life.
  6. Debi talks with the Professor of Philosophy, Dan Deen, about common “scientific” objections to the Christian faith.
  7. Historian Dr. Francisco joins Debi to talk about the resurrection of Jesus as a historical fact.
  8. Debi talks with a friend and Episcopal rector Jacob Smith on the controversial and exclusive claims of Jesus.
  9. In this episode, Debi talks with a world-renowned apologist and 1517 Senior Fellow about the place of apologetics in the Christian faith and its limits.
  10. Here is a quick message from Debi Winrich about season four of The Soul of Christianity.