Theology of the Body for the Sinner/Saint

We interviewed Kelsi Klembara after she spoke at the recent "Here We Still Stand" Regional Conference in Bentonville, Arkansas. She spoke about the embodiment of our redemption, and how our theology of the body can effect how we view eating disorders, chronic health issues, various health improvement programs and even the body positivity movement.

She points to the story of the bleeding woman who touches Jesus' cloak, and brings it all back to Christ.

This episode was recorded during the tear-down and hang out time after the conference, and there's a bit more background noise than usual, but the voices come through just fine. It was too good of a conversation to not share.

Book referenced: "Wonderfully Made: A Protestant Theology of the Body" By John Kleinig.

Kelsi's article on 1517: "Can Body Positivity Overcome Our Bodies of Death?"

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