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Special Lent Series: Dear Christians, One and All, Rejoice!

John T. Pless has prepared a midweek Lenten sermon series that will fix our eyes on the saving work of the triune God. Based on Martin Luther’s hymn “Dear Christians One and All Rejoice,” this series will provide preachers an opportunity to proclaim the saving work of God to their hearers throughout the season of Lent.

Preaching Law and Gospel: Repentance and Faith from the Penitential Psalms in Lent

With this special essay from Prof. John Pless' 2017 Lenten Preaching Seminary, we are excited to offer an introduction to a Lenten series on the penitential psalms. Throughout the week, more resources will be made available to help you prepare for Lent.

Preaching Hope: Theological Reflections on the Last Sundays of the Church Year

It is in the midst of a world marked by empty and deceptive hopes that have broken hearts and lives that we are sent to deliver the promise of a future that has as its last chapter the resurrection of the body to eternal life with the Lamb who was slain but is alive forevermore.