John T. Pless

John T. Pless (D. Litt, Concordia University, Chicago) is Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions and Director of Field Education at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Mankind - Not God - Needs Demythologizing: In the Ring with John Pless

What does it look like to preach while the world is ending? Ringside Preachers,


Vocation? Can you tell me more?

Professor and author John Pless extends his time with Craig and Troy as we go


Vocation? What's that?

Professor and author John Pless joins Craig and Troy to discuss what God calls


Isaiah for Advent: A Primer from Martin Luther on Afflicted Faith

God did not rend the heavens and come down to collect the righteous for Himself. He came from a lineage of sinners to be their Savior.

Hope in the Midst of Judgment: Thoughts from Werner Elert for Preaching at the End of the Church Year

All Christian preaching is done in view of the eschatological horizon as we proclaim the Lord who will return as the Judge of all in glory who can no longer be contradicted or denied.

A Mediation on All Saints Sunday Preaching: Saints, Not Super-Christian Heroes

Those who have gone before us in the faith have no more need of absolution, for their baptisms have been brought to completion and they are eternally free from sin and done with death.


Here We Still Stand 2022

Consciences Captive to the Word of God

Pastor Craft


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