1. There is one verse in the Bible that talks about tattoos. In this article, Chad Bird explores the original Hebrew of that verse to see what light it sheds, looks at the verse in context, and discusses what application--if any--this verse has for Christians today.
  2. Different groups within Christianity disagree as to whether Jesus should be depicted in icons, crucifixes, paintings, or other visual media. In this article, Chad Bird approaches the question from the angle of both the commandments and the incarnation.
  3. Chad and Daniel wrap up Deuteronomy and in doing so finish the Torah.
  4. Chad and Daniel have to deal with a bunch of odd things in this episode. What do we do with strange laws and how does a body hanging from a tree help us understand?
  5. God is concerned with justice so He puts rules in place for Judges. How does the belief in ONE God separate Israel from the rest of the world?
  6. God tells the people not to do certain things for the sake of the dead and to refrain from eating different animals. Why does God command these things?
  7. Some things, once they are deemed disgusting or contaminated, permanently carry that quality with them. These things are even thought to be “contagious,” negatively affecting whatever they come into contact with.
  8. Following him will also mean keeping our eyes locked on him so unswervingly that we don’t have the time or energy to be standing on tiptoes, peeping over fences into other people’s troubles and struggles.
  9. What happens when our children are taught to read the Scriptures as evidence that God is a heavenly Santa Claus? When happens when they think God rewards or punishes them depending on whether they've been naughty or nice?
  10. Sometimes we try be the bad god, sometimes the good god, oftentimes a freaky hybrid of both. The result is the same: Jesus the savior just gets in our way.
  11. You became, for a time, ritually unclean. Not sinful. Not immoral. To be unclean meant you bore in your own body the effects of a creation in bondage to decay.
  12. All our little laws reveal that we are, by nature, trying to justify ourselves before others, and before God, based on what we do and who we are.

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