1. I have to believe that grace - God’s grace - will be waiting on the other side.
  2. Instead of remaining silent when we wonder if someone is struggling with suicidal thoughts, and rather than judging for ourselves whether or not suicide is an unforgivable sin, let's lean on God's Word.
  3. Every year since Kevin graduated high school, “deaths of despair” have been on the rise. What causes people to seek rest in something that will ultimately kill them, and where can we find the rest we seek? Special guest: Rev. Kevin McClain of Trinity Lutheran Church in Ashland, OH. Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and give us a great review on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts! Email us: ForYouRadio@1517.org
  4. Sometimes we have to strain hard to hear words deeper than our hearts. Words not from inside, but outside. Words from God, not our own self-spun narratives.
  5. His resurrection reveals that Jonah, and all of us, even the evilest people, are salvageable, even from suicide, in Jesus' death and resurrection.
  6. When I hear my brother’s name, I will grieve a little. But I will also rejoice, for I know that he is with his Savior.
  7. Jesus takes that burden away in the “I forgive you and them” and gives us His “light” burden.
  8. There is hope and healing for you in Jesus Christ, the God who immersed Himself so deeply in our sufferings that He, too, wept over the death of a dear friend.
  9. On that day the mourners were shocked to discover that behind the veneer of her bright smile lurked a fathomless darkness, whose depths she made manifest only when she despaired of life in this world.