1. Dr. Paulson covers the 5th commandment, "You shall not murder."
  2. Dr. Paulson and Caleb enter the second table of the law. "You shall honor your father and mother."
  3. What does it mean to remember the Sabbath Day? In this episode, Dr. Paulson and Caleb discuss what it means to worship God and receive his gifts.
  4. Blake Flattley and Flame join Caleb and Bruce to discuss their new album, Freedom Lessons.
  5. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord, thy God, in vain.
  6. Caleb and Dr. Paulson continue to discuss the explanation of the First Commandment.
  7. Caleb, Scott, and Rod go through the Christian Questions and Answers section of the Small Catechism.
  8. The Thinking Fellows talk about Luther’s breakdown and examples of confession in the Small Catechism.
  9. Scott and Caleb move into the Catechism's explanations of the Means of Grace. Starting with Baptism, Luther follows Scripture to explain how God's Word and promises are delivered to us through ordinary means like water.
  10. Caleb, Scott, and Rod discuss the the context and introduction to Luther’s Small Catechism.
  11. The scope of catechesis from the Reformation was broad and included not only instruction at church but in the home and in schools.
  12. It would do us well to expand what we mean when we say catechesis and consequently broaden the reach of theological education into daily life.

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