1. At the heart of The Idiot is Dostoevsky's confession of faith and the confession of all Christians.
  2. The only solution to free will is the announcement from a preacher that the Father forgives us for Christ's sake.
  3. Faith isn’t something that needs to be done. It’s something to be enjoyed because faith is a gift bestowed by God’s word through the hearing of the Gospel.
  4. Jesus rejects what we believe is most necessary and instead points us to his pain, suffering, death, and self-sacrifice.
  5. The true liberty that Christ gives to us through the gospel is not political. It is spiritual freedom. It is freedom from fear of God's judgment and wrath.
  6. Jesus overcame sin, death, and Satan on the cross. His bloody suffering and death marked this sinful world's defeat.
  7. Apart from God's word, we will judge the right to be wrong and evil people as good.
  8. The good news of Jesus Christ guides us into godly worship, not self-worship.
  9. As the storm waves of life crash into us, threatening to pull us down into the undertow of sin, Jesus comes and stands between us and the furious tides.
  10. There is a time for justice. And there is a time for love. But love must always have the final word. Jesus must have the final word, because Jesus is God and God is Love.
  11. We are free to be in the world, but not of the world. We are freed to stop treating the pursuit of pleasure as an escape from pain, suffering, and death.

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