1. On this Good Friday, we come face to face with the reality of our sin and Christ's cross.
  2. God encourages us to take off the old sinful self.
  3. To be human is by its very nature to be finite.
  4. Craig and Troy love Psalm 51 because of the truth it speaks: we are sinful, and God is gracious. When God cleanses, we are indeed made clean.
  5. Even from the moment of the Fall, God has never left us without His gracious promise of redemption. God moves first to cover us.
  6. Satan didn't lie, but he told Adam and Eve exactly what would happen. The only thing he didn't say is whether or not they would like it.
  7. The struggle is real. That is to say, the struggle with sin. Can we make ourselves holy? Can we find within ourselves the strength to make it better?
  8. "You have little faith" really just means "You think you have a small Jesus." What Jesus promises He is able to do.
  9. Jesus doubles down on being Lord of the Sabbath, and the Pharisees call Him satanic. But that makes no sense! Jesus is not satanic, He's the One who binds Satan and steals his stuff.
  10. Craig and Troy tackle the issue that has caused so many first-year seminarians untold sleepless nights: When Jesus was tempted, could He actually have sinned?
  11. Satan had so much success in deceiving the first Adam he figures he can do the same with the Second Adam. But Jesus won't play Satan's game according to Satan's rules.
  12. When God cancels you, it is an occasion for all of the canceled who are in heaven and earth to rejoice in that one more is added to our number.

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