1. Who are we if neither vice nor virtue will make us whole?
  2. Our brokenness cuts deeper than just the times when we recognize it needs to be fixed.
  3. In this episode we discuss original sin and total depravity.
  4. This plague is no new thing. A dreaded deformity of disobedience clung to every soul since Adam and Eve.
  5. The story continues in Genesis 3 when Cindy and her children talk about God’s curses on His Creation: the First Consequences for Sin. Together they will discover how God’s good creation changed, not only for the first man and woman, but also for us today.
  6. He barely wakes to find himself nearly dead; even so, he can’t feel a thing.
  7. I take out the broom, spray bottle, and trash can. For the hundredth time this week, I find myself sweeping up the mess of a Christmas to come.
  8. He finds the woman and the man in the Garden and fought back for the identity of His people.
  9. The Garden of Eden proved to be the first battlefield between God and his submissive people.
  10. Before you ever know what happened, Satan has taught us to doubt the promise of the crucified and risen Christ.