1. The Thinking Fellows discuss the doctrine of man. What is humanity? What is human nature? What does it mean that man is sinful?
  2. The Thinking Fellows discuss the notion of worldliness.
  3. We must put away a whitewashed Christianity that says that God simply forgives because He is nice, kind, loving, gentle, etc. That is not how forgiveness works.
  4. The view of Total Depravity as it is usually understood by outsiders (and even many insiders), is often misunderstood. Despite appearances to the contrary, Total Depravity does not mean totally evil.
  5. Pelagianism is the ancient heresy that says that if you work hard enough and will something strongly enough, you can prevent sin
  6. The prophet Jonah longed for one thing: to see the Assyrian city of Nineveh utterly destroyed by the wrath of God. His wish eventually came true
  7. There are a few occasions in the Bible where the curtain lifts, and we get to peer into the inner workings of the Divine Court.
  8. In the world of martial arts, which I am the first to admit I am no expert in, there is a concept, particularly in Jujutsu and Judo, called seiryoku zen’yo or, “maximum efficiency, minimum effort.”
  9. Stephen Fry, the English actor, author and game show host once disparaged the “grammar Nazis” who felt it necessary to enforce all the rules of language but who had forgotten, or just didn’t care, about the joy of language.