1. There is just something about the idea of not being ‘under Law’ that sets off all kinds of alarms in the minds of many Christians.
  2. I walk in the local mall for exercise several times a week. I purposely avoid weekends and hours when the mall is likely to be crowded because, while I am not a racewalker, I do like to keep up a steady pace as opposed to stopping, starting and inching and this is difficult to achieve even when there are few people around.
  3. Have you ever grown despondent from trying so hard to stop behaving in certain destructive ways, but always failing?
  4. Years ago a pastor friend of mine who felt betrayed by someone he trusted told me that he was under no biblical obligation to forgive his betrayer unless and until he asked for forgiveness.
  5. Either one of those verses alone is scary; but both of them together are terrifying!
  6. “We humans are an evil, untrustworthy bunch.” I said to a friend recently, by way of explanation/cold comfort, after he had been cut to the core by fellow Christians who were uncomfortable with his vulnerability.
  7. There are so many reasons why the Good News is such good news; but, for me, one near the top of the list is the relief of being able to tell the truth. It is so refreshing to be given permission to ‘call a spade a spade.
  8. “God doesn’t care about the intentions of your heart!” I said a little too loudly and emphatically.