Bonnie Petroschuk

Bonnie Petroschuk is a wife, mother of three grown children and Grammie to five amazing boys. She has dubbed herself a Grace Herald who will always be a teenager at heart after working with the teen and college-age groups in her church for more years than she wants to admit. She says that teaching those students gave her the incredible opportunity to both grow in her understanding of scripture and to share what she learned.

Was Jesus Kind?

If you get out your red-letter bible and just read the red letters, as I did today, you're in for a shock. When you read just his words, Jesus seems harsh and pretty ticked off most of the time!

The Moment In Between

Our sadness is never inconvenient or unimportant to Jesus.

I Am Jonah

In the end, my only hope is that Jesus is always the initiator of mercy. He pursues me, even when I am unfaithful.

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