1. A solid structure, a lively skeleton, inarguably makes your messages more life-giving. They will be clearer, more interesting, and easier both to follow and to remember.
  2. But what God’s people want and need more than a perfect sermon, or even necessarily a polished one, is a true one.
  3. The castaway senses he needs something more. And what he needs more, much more, than mere help with acclimating himself to life on the island is a message which transcends the island.
  4. Preachers, just because there is a placeholder carved out right there in the liturgy which says SERMON, that does not give us license to blather.
  5. Just as shoddy builders can get by at times with subpar work, so also shoddy preachers can occasionally offer up half-baked homiletic hash.
  6. Preachers can more deliberately make time to meditate deeply and quiet the clatter which keeps us from hearing the still, small voice of the Spirit.
  7. Regardless of why they happen, sermon flops do happen to all of us. So, what should you do next?
  8. Clarity enables mobility. When preachers make the message clear, the people of God are freed-up to follow Jesus.
  9. Strategic silence is a sanctified stall tactic which benefits both the preacher and the pew-sitter. It is not just dead air.
  10. We entered the hospital with a jumbled ball of questions, uncertainties, and anxieties. We left with a master class in effective communication.
  11. The message of the gospel is a multifaceted diamond. Parallelism in preaching helps you to bring out the beauty of those different facets.
  12. Preaching which eschews the harping harangues of legalistic schoolmarms in favor of the Savior’s undeserved favor reflects the holy hilarity of the Gospel.

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