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  1. If preaching can be a greater joy for myself and my people, who after all have to put up with us preachers, that is a win in my book. And I think preaching by heart can help to accomplish this.
  2. Forget prayer, America needs the use of logic and civilized discourse! So do preachers. What if preachers actually honestly engage the culture instead of cry “martyr”? Ringside meets The Craft of Preaching with special guest Dr. Ben Haupt.
  3. The Memory Palace harmonizes with how God has made us, so we can more effectively proclaim to His people how He has made and saved them.
  4. By more intentionally and consistently incorporating the concrete elements of story and metaphor into your preaching, you refresh your language, serve your people, and shed fresh light on the Gospel.
  5. The goal of Arrangement is to make the proclamation of the Gospel clearer and more compelling for your hearers.
  6. [Nearly] all of us struggle with making the move, as Thomas Long puts it, “from desk to pulpit.” The reason is because our approach to sermon preparation is inadequate.