1. Grace is God’s caring disposition toward His human creatures. And it is shown fully and purely in the work of Jesus for us.
  2. The command to love those nearby is as challenging as it is simple. Jesus took the initiative to come near to us in loving sacrifice.
  3. Faithful celebration of the Reformation is possible only for those who understand they have nothing. Whose incapability and insufficiency are obvious and owned. Who recognize their dependence on God for all things. In other words, Reformation is for children.
  4. So, in keeping with Mark’s focus on discipleship this Fall, your Reformation Sunday sermon on John 8 might reflect on what it means to be a disciple. As you proclaim the commands and promises of Christ, you might invite your hearers not only to believe his Word, but also to abide in it. To hear and mediate on his promises in the various ways he delivers them.