1. The Psalms aren’t the clandestine successes of a faithful soul, but are the journaled hopes of a desperate soul — of one teetering on the edge of oblivion.
  2. Only God creates clean hearts.
  3. We prefer God to forgive our sin by not paying attention to it. Then our prayer is not for grace but that God would overlook and wink at us from the sidelines.
  4. Israel is all the people who believe in the LORD and gather at His throne. It is no longer a national distinction, it is one of faith.
  5. Yes, Christ has come and delivered us, but He will come again in glory to judge the world in righteousness and the people with equity.
  6. The biblical shepherd leads his sheep. He provides for their needs. He protects them from enemies, and he does not leave his sheep unattended.
  7. The Holy Spirit does what his name implies. He makes us holy. We believe in Jesus Christ, our Lord, and come to him only by the Holy Spirit who calls us with the gospel.
  8. The Light of the LORD, Jesus Christ, has risen upon us and set us apart as the chosen people of God.
  9. God has created perfectly. God is in the house and all is right with the world!
  10. The Bible is a book for the desperate. That is its target audience. Recognizing our desperation readies us to hear the consolation that only God’s Word can offer.
  11. Chad meditates on what it means to look to God and how He looks at us.

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