1. The will of the triune God is we are thankful for the goodness, grace, mercy, love, peace, and truth that flow from His works of creation and redemption.
  2. Jesus is situated at the center of world history, a history which is going somewhere, from an Alpha point to the Omega point, and it pivots on the death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ.
  3. The Holy Spirit is no skeptic. He asserts Christ has been raised from the dead.
  4. Faith trusts that the Lord is as His Word and His Word is as His person and nature.
  5. Get back to the truth about Christ’s resurrection and glorious return and you will not have to sink into the funk of depression or the errors of speculation.
  6. Any message other than "Christ for you" is not good news.
  7. No slogan encapsulates biblical Reformation theology as well as the one drawn from this verse. It is justification by faith apart from works and if apart from works, then the justification of the sinner is by faith alone, sola fide.

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