1. We are talking about the abundance of forgiveness today, with special guests, Daniel Emery Price, and Erick Sorensen from the "30 Minutes in the New Testament" podcast.
  2. Jesus knows your name. Whether you’re a boy named Sue or a beggar named Lazarus, the God who named that forgotten man has not forgotten you.
  3. Attacked by sin, robbed by Satan, lacerated by death—there we lay, unable to help ourselves. Yet He helps us who can never help ourselves.
  4. If there’s going to be a celebration, why not celebrate fidelity, obedience, hard work?
  5. You see, officers, this son of our congregation was dead, and has come back to life again; he was lost, and has been found.
  6. Who are we, really, but a bag of blood and bones, in which are mixed in bittersweet memories and the shards of shattered dreams and broken hearts?
  7. You think the sower sowed his seed in you because he saw such good soil, such a good, generous, noble person.
  8. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? You are, who are flesh of flesh and bone of bone with Jesus, our Jacob.
  9. Not only does he give them a fourth chance; he risks the very life of his son in doing so. There lay three of his servants, with blackened eyes and broken bones, scarred by cuts and abrasions, and he imagines things will go better for his son?