1. The main point Paul gets at in Romans concerns what God has done in the One, Jesus the Messiah, the rightful heir of God’s earthly Kingdom.
  2. There could not be a better day for remembering baptism (the direction of Peter’s sermon) than this, the Festival of the Holy Trinity.
  3. At the heart of Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit launches the new Temple of the Lord, His holy Church.
  4. No persecutor can avail over the victory of Christ for His people. Even if death separates them from this world, it cannot separate them from the love of God and the redemption accomplished through Jesus Christ.
  5. This pericope has law and gospel, as well as principles of Christian ethic. The effective preacher rightly distinguishes them but also confidently preaches them.  
  6. The Son is the rock or, put differently, Jesus is the Temple of God and, therefore, our one true hope, no matter the persecutions or hardships we may endure.
  7. We recognize no race, no wealth, no class, no status, and no demographic. We have no political parties. We have a King.
  8. Peter admonishes every soul baptized into Christ Jesus to strive for the new life by the Spirit, resulting in a radically new morality, the ethic of Christ’s Kingdom. That is the new normal.
  9. The new life Christ opened for us in His resurrection, the new life into which we were baptized is a life of faith.
  10. This is the account God has been directing to accomplish the recovery of His global Kingdom and reestablish its rule through Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  11. In prayer, hymns, and readings we hear the great paradox of our faith: Christ is proclaimed the mighty King who reigns, not by way of the so-called “triumphal entry,” but from the cruciform tree of life, the Cross of Calvary.
  12. Look to the cross of Christ and there we see sin has been executed to death.

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