1. Now, in the New Testament, the number for the Church remains twelve as Jesus calls twelve Apostles to be trained by Him to carry out the ministry following His ascension.
  2. There were no discussions, no committee meetings, no master planning, he and his group simply went to Macedonia.
  3. In the Old Testament all the world is narrowed down to the people of Israel, which is eventually narrowed down to One—Jesus! Jesus is Israel reduced to one in order that all the world might be saved through Him.
  4. Perhaps the question that needs answering is, “How?” How can we run the race? How can we be good shepherds of the flock? How can we live and walk as part of the flock?
  5. Paul’s training in the wilderness qualifies him to be an Apostle, an eyewitness of the risen Christ, and the LORD uses him greatly!
  6. To be barred from the Temple was like being ostracized from society as a whole. It was a powerful card to hold, and the Sadducees were not shy about using it.
  7. Justification matters so deeply. It is a matter of life and death, Heaven and Hell. It must be preached that way. Especially today.
  8. Why is there a need to replace Judas? The reason revolves around the number twelve.
  9. Our LORD is identified as the One who provides for our needs, serves us to the point of obedience unto death on a tree so that we who can do nothing are rescued and redeemed by His actions on our behalf.
  10. The Church is called to be Christ-like and that means reaching out in mercy to the widows, orphans and outcasts-the disenfranchised and helpless-like Christ Jesus gave example.
  11. The teaching of the Apostles, the fellowship of believers, the breaking of bread and prayer lay out the components of worship.
  12. In our text we learn that Baptism is in the name of Jesus Christ and grants forgiveness and gives the gift of the Holy Spirit. Faith is worked in the heart.

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