1. God has filled our lives with moments, pieces of poetry, which reveal the gracious beauty and powerful mystery of the Trinity.
  2. When Jesus leaves His disciples, He leaves them in a world that is more fully alive because of His gift of the Holy Spirit.
  3. As we gather between the Ascension and Pentecost, we remember what Jesus is doing. He is praying for us.
  4. But the Church is not built on human love. That would be much too small for God. No, the Church is built on God’s love and God’s love is different.
  5. A death dealing diagnosis is hard to hear and even harder to endure, but when God is in control it leads to a new vision of life.
  6. In Mark’s account, our Lord was in a literal wilderness and fought the literal powers of Satan. But He did it so people in any wilderness might know the comforting power of God.
  7. How do we celebrate the Transfiguration? We listen to Jesus. His words bring forgiveness and life that transfigure our world.
  8. Jesus is about the business of remaking creation, one synagogue, one house, one city at a time.
  9. Jesus is found in places of suffering, both with the one suffering and with the one giving mercy, in the most mysterious of ways.
  10. Those who imagine God as hard and ungracious are judged severely. Those who trust in God’s mercy in Jesus are encouraged immensely.
  11. Rather than ask what bridesmaid we are, Jesus invites us to see what a bridegroom He is.
  12. Instead of the miraculous, Jesus gives us the mundane. Why? Because the Kingdom of God belongs to these people.

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