1. The curse falls upon those whose faith is Christ-less. Craig and Troy wrestle with the illustration of the fig tree.
  2. Jesus came not only for the sheep, but apparently for the dogs as well. You won't believe what happens when she asks for a favor.
  3. Jesus proves His divinity by not only being master over creation, but in being master of life and death. Peter proves both his faith and faithlessness by putting his eyes on Jesus and then immediately taking them back off.
  4. One one level, Jesus does an impressive work of feeding 5,000+ with just a few rolls and some fish. But on a deeper level, we see Jesus preparing the eternal feast for you.
  5. "Your faith has made you well" . . . except faith never believes in itself, but trusts only in its object, namely Jesus.
  6. Jesus, the Great Physician, does "healing" in a way that no one else can. When He heals, it goes beyond physical and into eternity.
  7. Being a Christ-follower is indeed a bed of roses. But don't forget: roses have thorns. Jesus advises potential disciples to count the cost.