1. How Leviticus 17 is a key passage for understanding atonement
  2. To be human is by its very nature to be finite.
  3. Are We Just Rats in a Maze? In this episode, we discuss grief, mourning, death, and hope while reading C.S. Lewis’s book, A Grief Observed.
  4. Rebekah Caggegi sings “ The earth is full of Your steadfast love”.
  5. The fact is this: we all are going to die. Whether we are rich or poor, foolish or wise, we will all pass away.
  6. The stormy seas of life threaten us, but we need not fear, for God is with us. Our gaze is upon His face. We look to Him alone to rescue, defend, strengthen and uphold us.
  7. Part of the journey involves seasons of affliction, and during those times it is easy to feel separated from God, even rejected by our God
  8. None of us can enter the Kingdom of God based on our righteousness. Whether we realize it at the time, we are being carried through this life by our loving Savior.
  9. Psalm 2 ends by describing the state of blessing for those take refuge in God. In this life we are often left to wondering why God, who loves the world so much, is so rejected and hated by so many that He created.
  10. Death may speak, and its voice may sound authoritative and decisive. Nonetheless, it is a mere whimper from the grave.

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