1. At first, one might think bones would strictly be associated with death, but in the Old Testament the most significant references to “bones” are associated with life and even resurrection from death.
  2. In our text for today, here is the great prophet, Elijah, the same guy who God used in miraculous ways, hiding in a cave, scared to death.
  3. The LORD God is seeking after those who have not sought Him! He calls out to those who have not been called by His name.
  4. At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is poured out and the language of man is united again for the Gospel to be preached to the ends of the earth.
  5. Now, in the New Testament, the number for the Church remains twelve as Jesus calls twelve Apostles to be trained by Him to carry out the ministry following His ascension.
  6. There were no discussions, no committee meetings, no master planning, he and his group simply went to Macedonia.
  7. In the Old Testament all the world is narrowed down to the people of Israel, which is eventually narrowed down to One—Jesus! Jesus is Israel reduced to one in order that all the world might be saved through Him.
  8. Perhaps the question that needs answering is, “How?” How can we run the race? How can we be good shepherds of the flock? How can we live and walk as part of the flock?
  9. Paul’s training in the wilderness qualifies him to be an Apostle, an eyewitness of the risen Christ, and the LORD uses him greatly!
  10. To be barred from the Temple was like being ostracized from society as a whole. It was a powerful card to hold, and the Sadducees were not shy about using it.
  11. Obviously, the LORD has no intention of slapping a bandage on creation. He will completely restore—it will be made new.

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