1. With their minds set on God’s grace in Christ for them and for all, your congregation will leave church this week prepared to be unfairly gracious toward everyone they encounter.
  2. Forgiveness is hard, especially when we have been deeply hurt and badly wounded, but this should drive us back even more to our gracious and forgiving Father.
  3. "Greatest" according to the mind of God does not come from accomplishment or advancement or accolade. To be the greatest is to become the least.
  4. Comfort, ease, pleasure, happiness, these are worth pursuing, say the preachers of this world. Suffering is not. Do whatever you must to avoid it. In Christ, however, we see suffering differently.
  5. This self-effacing God delights in showering His favor upon those of low estate. He lifts up the humble, reaches out to the downtrodden, welcomes the outcast, and befriends the foreigner.
  6. In many cases, the expectations are not realistic. Sometimes we expect things to be much better than they could possibly be. On the other hand, sometimes our expectations are far too low.
  7. Jesus loved the crowds. Then He sent His disciples to participate in His work among them. He continues the same movement today.
  8. When it is all said and done, a disciple’s testimony about Jesus is what matters most.
  9. The resurrected Christ, who has all authority in Heaven and on Earth, also has His mind and His eye on the people who have gathered in your congregation this Sunday.
  10. This week’s text invites us to walk alongside a grieving sister. The connection to your hearers will be easy, for life in this world provides no shortage of reasons to grieve.
  11. This man lived his entire life in the darkness, that is, until he met Jesus.
  12. The woman in our text probably did not expect much from her trip to the well that day, but Jesus did. Jesus planned to meet her.

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