TOPIC INDEXJustification (12)
  1. This is the prelude of Easter. Is a dead Jesus still resting in the tomb? No!
  2. Epiphany celebrates that we have not been left in our hearts’ cold darkness and this spoiled creation.
  3. We are given, so we give thanks, and we give thanks by giving.
  4. The following is an excerpt from “The Christian Life: Cross or Glory” written by Steven A. Hein (1517 Publishing, 2015).
  5. In truth, forgetting transgressions has little to do with forgiving others who wrong us.
  6. We are saved by grace, and strictly speaking, not by an offer.
  7. The Gospel predominates when hearers receive the saving gifts of Christ as God’s final word to them.
  8. The Devil cultivates fear of God and promotes motivation and zeal for outward works and earthly virtue out of pure eternal self-concern.
  9. The story of Christ crucified has a happy ending. Jesus has conquered the grave. He beat the death rap.
  10. Lose trust in the free grace of the righteousness of Christ alone, and the holiness of the Church and all in her is lost.
  11. There is an unfortunate, but familiar pilgrimage that entirely too many have taken—servants who have offered strong confession and service in the pure Gospel, but who then have doctrinally gone astray.
  12. To be justified means to be declared righteous in the forgiveness that is ours in the crucified Christ. It is a done deal, and by faith we have it all.