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Michael Berg
  1. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND TWELVE, Mike and Wade are give thanks for the life and ministry of Jim Nestingen and discuss his article entitled “Justification by Faith in Luther’s Small Catechism.”
  2. Your prayers are not what make you acceptable in his sight. You have already been made acceptable through the blood of Christ.
  3. What is supposed to be given by Christ through us for neighbor is used up by us, twisted for our righteous gain.
  4. On episode FIFTY-EIGHT of Let the Bird Fly! all four of the guys sit down to discuss Preaching as a Means of Grace.
  5. On episode FORTY-TWO of Let the Bird Fly! the guys welcome the Rigge family to discuss what it’s like to open and run a winery in Minnesota.
  6. On episode THIRTY-ONE of Let the Bird Fly! Mike and Peter stage a coup, ousting Wade, and installing themselves as permanent dictators of the podcast. Actually, Wade was just out-of-town, so for the first time you’ll get to listen to a Wadeless episode of Let the Bird Fly! (enjoy!).