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  1. Maybe, just maybe, our goal for 2023 should not be to live more but to die more.
  2. The reason that God’s commandments are not burdensome is that Jesus has fulfilled them.
  3. Walking in the light doesn't entail a spotless moral record but rather an honest appraisal of who we are.
  4. With every bone in our bodies, we declare war on grace. We declare war on the gift.
  5. The world we inhabit is wrong in so many ways, and a holistic approach to this “wrongness” traces its cause both to sin itself and to the effects of sin.
  6. Without the sacraments, God’s grace is simply an artifact behind a glass-case in a museum. We might be able to describe and even admire it, but we never get firsthand access to it.
  7. God’s love is axiomatic; it just is. It’s a truism without a logical explanation.
  8. All of my theological endeavoring will not squeeze one more ounce of grace from God.
  9. As human beings, we usually think that mercy should have limits; that it should never exceed its confines. This attitude is rooted deeply in the human heart.
  10. Salvation is not simply transactional; it is fundamentally relational. Not anemic, but full-blooded. Not disembodied, but bodied.
  11. When your identity is tied up in the judgment of others—you're in deep trouble. Because, however well-curated and photo-shopped your life may be, sooner or later someone is going to look at you, they'll swipe, and they'll move on.
  12. The true miracle of springtime isn't simply its beauty, but in the way it foreshadows the sprigs of life that spring forth when God creates faith from the fallow ground of dead sinners.

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