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  1. Jesus does not put us on trial and make us pay for our own sin, but he, himself, is put on trial in our place.
  2. We don’t have to worry about deserving, earning, or reciprocating his gifts. Our Lord doesn’t give us what we deserve. We are given what he deserves, what Jesus has won for us.
  3. Jesus does not seek out Peter to condemn, but to restore his precious lost sheep, His dearly loved prodigal son.
  4. The Lord who stood before her seemed reckless in His love. Her sin didn't deter Him. Rather, it was the reason He came.
  5. God doesn’t give us second chances. No one earns another shot at forgiveness. We cannot earn forgiveness, it’s too costly.
  6. Jesus continues to breathe His gifts on His beloved. He continues to breathe absolution upon sinners like me and you, He continues to fill us with the Holy Spirit and all His comfort.
  7. As we stand before our Lord dead in our transgressions and guilt, Jesus pronounces His judgment upon us. He absolves us.
  8. Jesus does not give as the world gives. With Jesus, everything is guaranteed and has been finished from the start.
  9. When we run deep into the darkness, Jesus runs deeper and deeper after us. Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more.
  10. Regardless of what our eyes, senses, and circumstances tell us, we belong to Christ, and He is with us.
  11. The wound on my hand would not let me forget what happened. The crackled and blistered strip of skin was a memento of the searing pain I felt that day. For the remainder of that year, I was constantly reminded of what I had done.
  12. The sight of indulgences being bought and sold is just not something I witness on a regular basis.

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