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  1. Those called out for their sins, who find themselves knee deep in their transgressions, always need grace.
  2. We need to remember that we belong to God by Grace Alone. It’s not by our best works. Not by the sweat of our brow, it’s not even by our best attempts to repent.
  3. We forget that Christians need the Gospel. Not as a side note, but as the front-page headline.
  4. "Move or die" is one of those “laws” we don’t like, but we have to admit, as harsh as it sounds, it is good for us. It helps us. Just don’t apply it to my faith.
  5. They were righteous, but they were righteous because God declared it so. Just like us.
  6. We are still so much closer to Peter in our flaws than his virtues, and Christ is still our rescue.
  7. Should we have more victories over our sin? Probably. But can we be honest and admit that we don't have as many as we'd like?
  8. Squander. What a great word. It so perfectly captures the pitfalls of backsliding in all areas of life. It's the utter self-ruination of good things.
  9. My past, littered about this tiny island, resurrects itself when I draw near, but it never does so alone. It is always accompanied by the Savior.
  10. Sometimes, the bible bores me. Sometimes, I take scripture, grace, and Jesus lightly.
  11. How many of you Christians out there are barely holding it together? I know the inclination should be towards joy and hope, but for some of us, it's not.
  12. I got your life application right here! First off, Happy New Year! It's 2019 and there's a sense of optimism floating about in the air.

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